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Close the Distance

August 14th, 2008 by NickBarfuss

“Close the Distance” is a documentary featuring a public school 5th grade class and four families. It highlights the level of increased achievement, behavior and confidence by struggling students and the entire class when specific but simple steps are taken by parents and the teacher.  CTD is an extremely simple but powerful way for teachers and parents to work together to structure the classroom and home environments so they mesh - creating greater opportunities for our children to learn and develop. This environment is more comfortable for all students so kids are more confident, motivated, and engaged with the teacher and involved with other students. (The programs and activities used by parents and teachers were provided by wwww.achievementsynchrony.com.)

CTD provides parents with a simple process and set of activities of structuring their family so they can easily teach motivation, respect, responsibility to children. Parents using the system report their children are quicker to respond to parent instruction and are more focused on family goals, objectives, rules and family relationships. Children develop a greater awareness of how their actions affect others and how they are accountable for their actions.

When children experience coordinating structures at both home and school, their achievement and behavior improve at a more accelerated rate.

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