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January 23rd, 2010 by Lynn

For the past three months I have been spending a lot of time writing for a website Myfamilytrack.com. It is going to be launched in April 2010. At the same time I am preparing a membership program called “LeadingFamilies,” which is the same name as this website. I want to explain why I am doing this.

I have had the great privilege of working with thousands of students and thousands of families during my professional career. I have been in many places in the United States and around the world. I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had. One time after I had given a speech in Germany the people there lined up to ask questions and there were so many people the line they formed went down an isle and wound partly around the room. This was not about my excellence as a speaker or popularity. The questions they asked were heart felt and about fairly serious things. I have wanted to find a way to provide something for parents and married couples who can”t afford therapy when they have problems, who occasionally need a suggestion or two, and/or who just want more help in carrying out the plans they have for their children.

As the years have passed it seems to me that some of the challenges online casino parents face are more challenging than a couple of decades ago. It also seems to me that some parents are not recognizing how threatening the challenges are until their children have very serious problems. I have, for instance, seen many parents and children when these same children have been using controlled substances or have been heavily involved in pornography without the parents knowing anything about it. They were good parents but they were busy. I have also seen parents do what they think was useful in their families but have found that doing some of those things with their children is not leading to success. I have also seen many great, successful, and committed parents.

All the time this is going on family psychology and family sciences have advanced to the point where there are fairly clear research findings about children and therapies which could be used to help people. Plus there are many sound principles that emerge from working with families. So, I am thinking it might be time to do something more. If you read this would you let me know what you think about paying a small amount of money annually that would give you consultations with child psychologists when you wanted to ask questions. For this same plan you would also receive success oriented information related to your children each year at the time of their birthdays. This is designed to help you prepare them for success the next or coming year. This will help you prepare your children for developmental changes they will soon experience.

Secondly would you also let me know if you have a desire to participate in a fairly intensive online training program to help you change your family, yourself, and control or better influence the outcomes you want for your children. On Myfamilytrack.com you will find specific resources such as marriage enrichment and parent skill building programs. Our plan is to make these easily available and at a very low cost. I would appreciate your opinions and suggestions if you would care to offer them.

We are currently underway, assuming the two programs I have described will be useful to people. So, what do you think? Please let me know.

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  1. Laura Morrin

    Thank you! Thank you for starting somewhere to help me be a better parent. For years I have tried to figure out how to access the correct tools to get some answers and after listening to you speak, having had you for a professor, and reading your comments….yes, I would pay an annual subscription and I would love to participate in any kind of study. I phoned your office in tears this past Fall trying to understand some issues of my first grader. You were not able to help, based on the information that I gave, yet I see this as part of the solution. She continues to have academic issues, but the principles that I am putting into place, are helping us accomplish the academic shortfalls. I will look forward to the launch of the website and I am anxious to more diligently study and improve as a mother. Thank you!

  2. Mandy Madill

    Yes, I would pay for this kind of program. I feel like there is a huge need for this kind of thing. Problems that don’t necessarily need an appointment with a psychologist, but some counseling, or questions answered about how to approach the challenge or misbehavior in a specific way. People and families are all so complicated, and not one person is alike. It would be wonderful to have a resource like what you are describing. I would be willing to participate in the tracking also.

  3. courtney nielson

    yes, i would also love to pay for the program & participate in the tracking. i sometimes feel that i need to study more as a parent, that we go to school for years to study our interests & career, but when it comes to the most important job in the world there is no expectation to do so.
    it would be wonderful to have one place to go to for my learning & questions.
    i’m looking forward to. thank-you so much!

  4. Kathleen

    I would be very interested in the programs you are proposing. I check your blog and website regularly.

  5. ANKnudson

    This sounds like a great opportunity. I would certainly be interested in participating, and would be willing to pay for the counsel and instruction provided. Would this resource be useful to grandparents, also?

  6. Sheri Feller

    I would love to pay an annual subscripbion. The birthday advice is a great idea also.

  7. Katie Hutson

    I would be willing to pay an annual fee. I love your blog.

  8. Holly

    I’d be willing to pay an annual fee, it’s just a matter of how much per child, etc. Thanks for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

  9. Stacey

    I would definitely pay for some good advice and would love to be able to ask specific questions.

  10. m. cole

    Yes, I am finally ready to commit the time and effort necessary to help my family succeed. I already study deeply the words in the scriptures and pray often for help. My family problems are such that I recently considered using my small and hard-earned savings to pay for expensive counseling to help my family. I have since had the distinct impression that rather than “throwing money at the problem” I need to throw myself into the problem. I need to learn, not only the scriptures, but how to apply them to our specific needs. I am rearranging my schedule so that I am at home more, focusing on learning about these things. An important part of my resolution is knowing that help is out there. This is largely thanks to
    Dr. Scoresby and his untiring efforts to send out information to help families. My greatest concern now is knowing where to start, being sure that I do not “stumble in my anxiety.” It is very important for me that I prioritize my efforts and convert ideas into simple principles and doable goals. If I cant do this, I know from the past that instead of informed and empowered, I will become frustrated and fearful. The opportunity to ask questions, get advice, etc. will hopefully help me to do the former and avoid the latter.

  11. Tina

    Yes, I would pay for a subscription service. My husband and I often have questions which we could use help with. The birthday idea is great! It would help me to keep on track and not let things slip as time goes by. I am also very interested in participating in an on-line training program.

  12. Rebecca

    I think the kind of website you describe would be great. I would also be willing to pay for this service. I have newborn and a two year old. I am always looking for ways to be the best parent I can be to my children. I would also be willing to participate in your training program.

  13. Stephen and Janette

    We have loved following Dr. Scoresby’s ideas for the last 30 years, as we have been raising our children. We get a needed boost every time we listen, and honestly, though you have not met them, you have been a big influence in our 10 children’s lives. The warmth encouraged, the active communication, and the follow through of your practical and spiritual ideas are inspiring. I keep your early book, “In the Heart of a Child” next to my scriptures, and refer to and read and share it all the time. We have a few tough parenting challenges left, which is what brings me here, today. We would be grateful for the chance to participate.

  14. Jen

    Thank you so much, I would be more than willing to pay $$ for training and consultations that would be helpful in raising my family. We love these children more than life itself and want nothing more than to help them be emotionally healthy. Please keep me posted!!


  15. Leonard Spahn

    Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Thanks Again. Great.

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